March 30, 2015

2015: A year to remember

A year to remember

 2015 is a year that has started full of changes and promises. And we are already harvesting the fruit of our efforts, with 3 new releases so far in 2015, 2 of which have already been featured in the main digital stores, more than 5 millions plays and the satisfaction of doing a good work, the pace of this year is really promising and exciting.

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Our first release of the year was Super Monster Mayhem, our first title on being featured in the U.S. Apple App Store under the Best New Games and Updates category, also featured on Europe and Latin America. Super Monster Mayhem was also the first eRepublik Labs’ title on the Amazon Appstore and our first Worldwide Featuring on the Google Play platform.

This title broke the 100k downloads milestone in only one week, became one of the Top 5 most downloaded games in the European digital stores and gained media and people’s attention. We are pretty satisfied with what we accomplished with this title and is only the beginning.

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The spring arrived with more releases and exciting news: Age of Lords. The release of our second major title for mobile devices and tablets arrived by the end of March to Google Play and is expected to be available for iOS on April.

Worldwide launch of Age of Lords could not be better – was featured under the Best New Games category and placed on the third slot on Google Play. Broke the 50k downloads milestone in less than 4 days and 1.600 players rated the game 5 stars in a matter of hours. There is no doubt that Age of Lords is the next big hit.

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Finally the second quarter of 2015 will start with more releases, updates and features. Before Easter arrives, Frantic Rabbit will be launched for mobile devices and tablets, a really fresh and casual game, light in theme but heavy in entertainment.

And it will not stop there, many more announcements and games will be available through the course of the year for all kind of players. Much more entertainment for everyone at the tip of your fingers and with no charge at all, since we keep committed to the Free to Play model.

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October 16, 2014


Strategy Action Game Forged From the Same Mold as Classic Favorites Debuts Today in the App Store

Building on the tactical thrill of turn-based games with the unique and strategic action that asynchronous combat allows, eRepublik Labs is leveling up the touch screen gaming experience with the launch today of Tactical Heroes. As the company’s first mobile offering, Tactical Heroes is the next evolution of tactical multiplayer games, and is available starting today as a free download on the App Store.

“Easy to jump into with endless possibilities, Tactical Heroes draws inspiration from the depth of classic PC games but adds the twists and turns of mobile multiplayer games, creating an experience that’s easy to jump into but deep enough to be played again and again,” said Alexis Bonte, CEO, eRepublik Labs. “Pitting nation against nation, and humans against aliens, Tactical Heroes is the ultimate mash up of turn-based and asynchronous strategy, meaning players don’t need to wait for other players or worry about them chickening out.”


With multiple game modes, including single player, multiplayer or social play through Facebook, Tactical Heroes players can fight against the computer or players from around the world in epic, multiplayer PvP battles. The iOS game gives players complete control over their Heroes’ actions and defenses, for totally uninterrupted play.

Tactical Heroes is a new take on a core games classic made for a new generation of mobile gaming devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus, taking full advantage of iOS 8 and the more powerful graphics and processors in the newest iPhones, while being compatible with iPad (2 and later) and iPhone (4s and later).

Tactical Heroes is available for free on the App Store. More information on the iOS exclusive can be found at, on the official Facebook page at or on the official Twitter page at

About eRepublik Labs

eRepublik Labs is a dynamic studio transforming the way strategy games are created, distributed and played by leveraging the power of communities. Established in 2007 by co-founder Alexis Bonte, the studio was founded with the vision of crafting game worlds for true gamers. With offices in Dublin, Madrid and Bucharest, more than 5 million players worldwide have enjoyed its first game eRepublik Labs’ talented and experienced development team is focused on setting a new standard for tactical and strategy gaming experiences for mobile devices, starting with its latest release, Tactical Heroes, a turn-based strategy (TBS) game made for mobile/touch devices.

Since its foundation, eRepublik Labs has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the Europe, including the 2007 Special Jury Prize for Best European Startup by Le Web, winner of the 2008 TechCrunch FOWA European Startup pitch competition, No. 22 on TechCrunch Europe’s Top 100 Startups, a 2010 Official Honoree at The Webby Awards and a 2011 nominee on The Telegraph Tech Startup Top 100. More information on eRepublik Labs can be found at


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August 11, 2014

Best New Game in Spain and Australia

The summer has been good for Tactical Heroes so far, as we’ve launched the game in two more countries, released the iPhone version and received some flattering attention on the App Store.

On June 26th we filled our champagne cups at the Barcelona Gamelab and officially launched Tactical Heroes in Spain. We’ve been amongst the best new games in Spain and got some great feedback from our Spanish players.

As we speak, Tactical Heroes is one of the best new games in Australia, the 4th country where we launched our turn-based game. So if you live in Australia, as well as New Zealand, Indonesia or Spain, there’s no excuse for you not to download the app and raid some of those enemy bases. Especially since Tactical Heroes can now be played on iPhones!

iPhone compatibility has been one of the top requests from our players and we’re really glad that we could make it happen so soon. Many of you are probably heading out for holidays now, so it’s the best moment to take Tactical Heroes with you right in your pocket!

We’re going to end this post with our brand new teaser trailer, featuring the three soldier classes and some epic explosions. We have a new Youtube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe for more news.

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March 26, 2014

Javi Talks Turrets

Javier García crafting the new turret

Today we wanted to show you some of the work that our talented developers have been creating and so we asked artist Javier Garcia from the Madrid studio, a few questions about the new turret models for our upcoming iPad game, Tactical Heroes.

Javi, the turrets look awesome! It looks like you worked hard on them. Where did you get the inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from flowers, flamingos and care bears, Hahahaha! I’m kidding. My inspiration comes from movies, comics and sci-fi video games, I like to mix those themes with current military elements to create a style that defines the atmosphere in Tactical Heroes.

What process do you usually follow to craft them? do you draw an initial draft on paper?

First I surf the internet for references and I make a collage with the ideas that have grabbed my attention. Then I make several sketches to find the design the team like the most, I have to admit that this is my favourite part of the process.

After we’re happy with the design, I make more sketches for each of the different levels of the object. When we finish the concept process, we can model it in 3D, paint the texture and place it ingame to see if it fits perfectly with the other elements of the game.

Different turret models

What games are you playing these days?

I am playing several games, because for me they are a great source of inspiration. Moreover, I like to see what things could be applied to our game, so the player can have the best game experience. I play many different kinds of games and on different platforms too.Right now I’m playing Infamous Second Son and the new Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation 4. I am also playing tablet games such as Bastion, the Collectables and of course Tactical Heroes.

The chosen one, by our facebook fans:

Sniper turret

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March 12, 2014

Tactical Heroes Trailer

video 720

After months of development, we are very proud to announce that we are about to launch our new game, Tactical Heroes. Initially the game will be available in New Zealand with a worldwide roll-out scheduled later.

Our first game,, is still going strong after six years and more than 5 million players, we are looking forward to crafting a new epic game world around Tactical Heroes.

Tactical Heroes was forged from the same mould as classic PC games but crafted for a new generation of tablet gamers. It is our intention to redefine what gamers should expect from their tablets, with a fresh, high-quality approach to turn-based strategy games.

With Tactical Heroes you will take full tactical control of your squad in thrilling battles! Tactical Heroes delivers a new game experience, where you fight a futuristic epic war against the evil M-Corp as well as other commanders on the alien planet of Eden.

Develop your base, plan your defences and configure your squad of heroes as you level-up rookie troops into Snipers, Assault Troopers and Engineers.

Tactical Heroes gives strategy fans the opportunity to command their squad in a test of tactical skills by attacking enemy bases full of devious traps and ambushes, raiding containers of precious resources, destroying gun turrets and demolishing the enemy headquarters.

Main Features

– Strategic combat in stunning 3D against other players worldwide.
– Multi-player challenges without waiting for your opponent.
– Level-up your heroes as they earn experience in combat.
– Build your base and design the perfect defence.
– Free to Play convenience.

You can find the first trailer of the game, “Tactical Heroes – Take Full Tactical Control Now” on our Youtube channel. Check it out and be sure to like and share it among your friends.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Tactical Heroes by registering now on the Tactical Heroes website.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the harsh surface of Eden.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note: Tactical Heroes requires an iPad (second generation or later) and a network connection

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November 27, 2013

eRepublik Celebrates 6th Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate six years since the release of This means that our New World grew yet another year older, making it one of the most long-standing online games out there today.


For the game, it’s been six years of intense simulation of the real world: political battles, power struggles and world scale open conflict. Hundreds of pages are already written on our wiki about the history of the New World, and hundreds more are waiting to be written. For the team, it’s been six years of learning and growing, yet we kept the startup spirit that lets us to enthusiastically innovate and challenge the rules.




To mark this event we prepared a full anniversary week where the players could deal massive damage in battles and earn attractive rewards. But this would be nothing without context, and in the New World most of the context is generated by the wars and the alliances between countries.  So we offered further incentives for players to support their countries and achieve their national goals. On the anniversary day, the biggest countries became empires, while the small countries got the chance to free themselves from the empires that conquered them.


Finally, the 6th anniversary was about celebrating and enriching the players’ experience. We reckon it’s something worth striving for each day of every year, anniversary or not. And to keep that in mind, we shot a small video of how we achieved this last week.


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September 23, 2013

The New World versus Real World Warfare numbers

The latest event called “Epic Warfare” generated huge interest among players, it involved billions of damage and big numbers in terms of food and weapons consumption.

What if all the figures of this event were real life facts? This is what we wanted to determine using an infographic. The number of mice exhausted in the fighting process is just a statistics, no real mouse was hurt during the process of creating this infographic!


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September 19, 2013

eRepublik Bucharest participates in the South Arena Football Championship

It all started when the Bucharest studio acquired its first foosball table in 2007. That moment was the  beginning of a foosball/football culture for eRepublik Labs Bucharest.


Each employee was trained and encouraged to play with a mentor (a more experienced foosball player) until he/she would become part of a team in our championship. And we have so many already! But foosball was just the first step. Our team has now joined a football competition: South Arena Football Championship, where they will compete against companies such as HP, UPC and others.


The first step of enrolling in such a  well known competition was to put together the team’s tactics. So here are the guys during one of their first tactical meetings before a match.

In this picture we have the team captains, Marius Potirniche and Mihai Adamut, defining roles and responsibilities for each player.


Maybe their fitness preparation isn’t the best one ever has seen, but the guys are compensating with high spirits and a lot of dedication for the team. We’re proud of them and can’t wait to see them on pitch. Go eRepublik Labs!

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April 5, 2017

Twin Shooter – Invaders: Review by Appliv

Appliv, the app discovery platform that selects unique apps to review, has just published a review on Twin Shooter – Invaders as well. Appliv has millions of users and it provides reviews for both Android and iOS apps which are worth trying.
Check the review here and take over the control of TWO spaceships at the same time to shoot the invaders. Make sure you don’t shoot yourself, though. Shoot. Kill. Die. BOOM!

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January 15, 2013

The New World vs. The Real World

eRepublik has been from the very beginning a very immersive and complex virtual world. After five years on the market, we gathered some data to see how it compares to the real world. The result you can see below. If you feel intimidated by the apparently gigantic weapons industry inside eRepublik, remember that it produced no casualties, just tremendous amounts of fun.

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