October 31, 2012

eRepublik Halloweek

Hello, eRepublikans!


Vampires, werewolves, and other night loving creatures surfaced in eRepublik last weekend, threatening to throw one huge Halloween party.



For the safety of our citizens, we summoned the most powerful weapon to match their dark forces. Called the “Batzooka”, it’s sort of like a Bazooka from the underworld, a slimy weapon that fires rotten pumpkins. Just like the normal Bazooka, it kills enemies with one hit, but in a slightly slower and more painful fashion since the stench needs some time to kick in. Obviously we don’t recommend playing with the Batzooka in closed environments like bars, offices, or your grandmother’s house.



For our citizens who are trapped at home with ghosts, witches or evil midgets, our team has prepared a new set of missions that should make the time pass easier and forget about the horrible creatures lurking in the house. Short of having a direct line to the ghostbusters HQ, we reckon that this week the safest place to be is the erepublik battlefield, as long as those werewolves don’t get an internet connection. However, fighting for your life (and country) is well worth the risk as there are plenty of life replenishing energy bars among the rewards given to those who complete our missions.



If you care for the safety and fun of the loved ones don’t hesitate to invite them to join the fun in eRepublik.


Don’t forget your daily dose of garlic!


The eRepublik Team


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