August 11, 2014

Best New Game in Spain and Australia

The summer has been good for Tactical Heroes so far, as we’ve launched the game in two more countries, released the iPhone version and received some flattering attention on the App Store.

On June 26th we filled our champagne cups at the Barcelona Gamelab and officially launched Tactical Heroes in Spain. We’ve been amongst the best new games in Spain and got some great feedback from our Spanish players.

As we speak, Tactical Heroes is one of the best new games in Australia, the 4th country where we launched our turn-based game. So if you live in Australia, as well as New Zealand, Indonesia or Spain, there’s no excuse for you not to download the app and raid some of those enemy bases. Especially since Tactical Heroes can now be played on iPhones!

iPhone compatibility has been one of the top requests from our players and we’re really glad that we could make it happen so soon. Many of you are probably heading out for holidays now, so it’s the best moment to take Tactical Heroes with you right in your pocket!

We’re going to end this post with our brand new teaser trailer, featuring the three soldier classes and some epic explosions. We have a new Youtube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe for more news.

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