March 30, 2015

2015: A year to remember

A year to remember

 2015 is a year that has started full of changes and promises. And we are already harvesting the fruit of our efforts, with 3 new releases so far in 2015, 2 of which have already been featured in the main digital stores, more than 5 millions plays and the satisfaction of doing a good work, the pace of this year is really promising and exciting.

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Our first release of the year was Super Monster Mayhem, our first title on being featured in the U.S. Apple App Store under the Best New Games and Updates category, also featured on Europe and Latin America. Super Monster Mayhem was also the first eRepublik Labs’ title on the Amazon Appstore and our first Worldwide Featuring on the Google Play platform.

This title broke the 100k downloads milestone in only one week, became one of the Top 5 most downloaded games in the European digital stores and gained media and people’s attention. We are pretty satisfied with what we accomplished with this title and is only the beginning.

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The spring arrived with more releases and exciting news: Age of Lords. The release of our second major title for mobile devices and tablets arrived by the end of March to Google Play and is expected to be available for iOS on April.

Worldwide launch of Age of Lords could not be better – was featured under the Best New Games category and placed on the third slot on Google Play. Broke the 50k downloads milestone in less than 4 days and 1.600 players rated the game 5 stars in a matter of hours. There is no doubt that Age of Lords is the next big hit.

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Finally the second quarter of 2015 will start with more releases, updates and features. Before Easter arrives, Frantic Rabbit will be launched for mobile devices and tablets, a really fresh and casual game, light in theme but heavy in entertainment.

And it will not stop there, many more announcements and games will be available through the course of the year for all kind of players. Much more entertainment for everyone at the tip of your fingers and with no charge at all, since we keep committed to the Free to Play model.

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